Tilted is your one-stop-shop for creating the best web and mobile experiences for your audience.

With more than 30 years of combined experience building applications, we can design, build and host your next project.


We have built applications for telecom-, banking- and music companies as well as education, science and government organizations, both b2b and b2c.

Our expertise includes system integration, cryptography, multi factor authentication, search, mobile first and processing large datasets.


We quickly understand your domain, will ask the hard questions behind the question and build a solution that can adapt to your ever changing (future) needs.

We work in small iterations, so you can provide input every step of the way.


Our solutions are truly turnkey: design, build AND host, we can do it all.

We host what we build for many of our customers. This results in faster turnaround and better quality of the end product.

Most important of all, this allows you to focus on your core business.

We would love to build something great with you.

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Things we have built


Online portfolio and planboard solution for primary- and secondary schools.

Bordfolio allows students to plan, collect and share their work.

Developed in close cooperation with teachers, Bordfolio improves teaching for both student and teacher.

Visit Bordfolio.nl


White label reporting tool for SEM/SEO agencies.

CampaignCoach offers the easiest way to create automated reports on Google AdWords campaigns.

Creating reports every month is time consuming and error prone. CampaignCoach solves these problems for many online ad agencies.

Visit CampaignCoa.ch


Platform for the commercial diving industry.

DiverData is the first to offer a digital logbook for commercial diving in the world.

It also offers great document management, equipment maintenance solutions, diver search and more.

Visit DiverData.com